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           Zhejiang jiu xu pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Was founded in March of 2003, located in zhejiang province industrial zone of jinhua, east neighbour of jinhua culture exchange center DaHuangShan tea garden, adjacent to the 330 national road south, beautiful scenery, convenient traffic, is a civil affairs departments approved by the welfare of the enterprise, a high-tech product mainly modern pharmaceutical enterprise.
The company registered capital of 18 million yuan, covers an area of 81000 square meters, is the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, zhejiang province patent demonstration enterprises, zhejiang green production enterprise, jinhua exceeds one thousand yuan large taxpayer. The company has freeze-dried needle, small injection, large capacity injection, soft capsule, drop pill agent, tablet, granules, capsule, Chinese traditional medicine extraction, API, nutrition and health products, such as cosmetics production line, formed the antitumor drugs, cardiovascular drugs, anesthesia drugs, anti-infection drugs, respiratory medicine, nutrition and health products, cosmetics and so 7 series more than 110 varieties of high-tech products group.
          Nine years adhere to scientific and technological xu pharmaceutical is the first productivity, through and shenyang medical university, China pharmaceutical university, China science and technology university, zhejiang university, Beijing university of Chinese medicine pharmaceutical institute, Shanghai, zhejiang, anhui university hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese academy of sciences and the Chinese academy of medical sciences gate hospital drugs such as institute of scientific research colleges and universities and medical agencies cooperate fully, targeted to the medicine, the artery embolization medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, liposomes injection, hard dissolved traditional Chinese medicine composition of preparation technology research and development, chemical medicine synthesis field of study has strong scientific research ability, and achieve the domestic leading level.2011 annual company is Chinese medicine industry association ranked as "traditional Chinese medicine industry enterprise advocate business wu income top", "national A level credit enterprise", "top ten Chinese medicine industry growing enterprise", "Chinese medicine industry development enterprises ten strong", "zhejiang saves innovative example enterprise".
         The main have crow courage oil injection, YinXingTong ester dropping breasts, fumarate Iraq bullitt injection, injection with adenosine with hydrochloric acid cobalt amine, injection tetracaine, injection with the clidamycin phosphate, hydrochloric acid song horses injection, Ephraim will put to injection and so on a series of very competitive products. In 2007 the company food health products r&d center and drug research institute, Chinese academy of medical sciences and companies of zhejiang university, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges make efforts together to develop the nutrition health food brand-TongCong.After several years of market inspection, TongCong increasingly powerful, has developed into has 5 series 36 products, distribution network throughout the country of a brand. TongCong always thought that consumers to provide professional, safety, science products responsibility, in the world the most high quality raw material selection, in accordance with the requirements of GMP workshop clean production, and through multiple test procedures, ensure the quality of products.
         Company with "the promotion of folk medicine, the realization of harmonious win-win" as the enterprise mission, and actively carry out "and sunshine enterprise, employees do sunshine" of the enterprise management concept, with the first-class products and services, willing to work hand in hand to the traditional Chinese medicine for China's career and people's health to make the contribution.
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