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        First of all, I would like on behalf of Zhejiang Shangyao Jiuxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd . Board of Directors and staff sincerely thank you for your care, drip, I will Yongquan.
        The Zhejiang Shangyao Jiuxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. under the local government at all levels drug authorities and the community care support, adhering to the "revitalization of the national medicine, harmony and win-win" business mission, actively implement people-oriented, in order to win the trust of quality, leading technology, pursuit of excellence in business management concept, by the first-class product quality, sincere corporate reputation, and achieved good social and economic benefits.
        All the way to the wind and rain all the way song, Since its inception, innovative, progressive leadership team, led by, in the fierce market competition, tempered will, exercise the competence, forged the confidence to temper the "Year of the sun businesses, sun staff "the corporate philosophy. We rely on absorbing nutrition, rely on leaders at all levels of intensive care and the generous help of friends from all walks of life, businesses continue to grow and develop. Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, we will be prepared to find a gap in the broader market, hard work, science and technology as the cornerstone of scientific management as a means, so refined, stronger, bigger products, and improving the core competitiveness, increase the R & D investment, accelerate the pace of expansion to the high-tech fields of modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and chemical medicine combine to go with its own characteristics pharmaceutical development path, striving to be China's first-class pharmaceutical companies.
        Looking ahead, I am convinced that rely on innovation and pragmatic work style, relying on the team spirit of solidarity, obstacles in the nine Asahi will be able to overcome the road ahead will be able to write a new glory to his courage and wisdom, will be able to achieve good and the fast development.
        Chong on the road dedicated to the cause of human health, nine Asahi will be with you!

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